STOP IT RIGHT NOW! I am fr-eaking out!! Have you heard that Disney has come out with a new boat? The Disney Fantasy Cruise is supposed to be insane – like no other. And guess who is sailing out in March? ME! I could cry!!!

I told you I became a ‘Traveling Mom‘ a few weeks ago, right? Well, they invited 30 of their writers to get a sneak peek at the boat…err…ship…err… HOUSE ON WATER.  I can’t get over this. Disney Fantasy Cruse – here I come!

I’m going solo as this will also act as a conference for Traveling Moms. Business trip – so to speak. Wish the kids and Bill could come – but unfortunately not this time.

Have you cruised? I took a 1 night cruise last year (Cruise to Nowhere) just to see if I could handle the water with my vertigo. This is my FIRST attempt. I’m scared. I’m excited. I cannot wait!

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