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I’ll Take My Coffee Black And Bitter… Like My Heart


While out with friends over the weekend, we started to talk about coffee. One of my friends made a joke and said she took her coffee “black and bitter”. Her girlfriend then chimed in and said, “yeah, like your heart.” We all just about lost it. Hilarious!!

Bill then promised to order his drink with that saying the next time he goes into Starbucks – just to see the response he gets.

How do you take your coffee? If it’s black – you now have a new way to say your order.

In other news, I’ve become semi-obsessed with Hipstamatic. Yes, another thing I learned from that Brooklyn dinner. It’s WAY WAY WAY harder than Instagram, but when  you get the shot right, it looks insane!  You might hate me over the next few weeks because I’m going to be playing around with it… a lot.

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  1. I’m anxious to hear your tips and whatnots on Hipstamatic. I wanted to try it, but not if it’s a pita to use/learn! LOL!

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