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My Husband Got Pink Eye – From My DOG – And Now I Think I’m Getting It Too

Is this happening?

Around Christmas / New Year’s Day, pink eye sort of staked claim to my house for a few weeks. It went from kid to kid and had me going through bottles and bottles of Lysol. My dog even got pink eye – no really it’s true. He’s finishing up his medicine as we speak.

Well, last night, my husband woke up around 4AM with an eye that was shut closed. And guess what? I’m sure I’m next because I thought we were DONE with the pink eye epidemic. So, I haven’t been careful about towels and touching my face.

Yeah for me…

How long does this cycle typically last? Can the kids get the same pink eye strain twice? EEK!

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  1. Hi Vera!

    Ugh…that sounds awful!

    Now I’m paranoid because my 9 year old got pink eye for the first time last week. We’ve been using the disinfectant wipes all through the house trying to spare the rest of us from coming down with it…

    I’ll be anxious to see if anyone here chimes in and answers your questions.

    Good luck!

  2. It’s totally going around. Nate has it right now – we’re a little over 24 hours into the drops and he’s like 80% better! Hopefully back to school tomorrow. I think it came from Strep (he has that too)

    I think if you have the drops you can get rid of it pretty quickly! Of course my eyes are itchy today but I think I’m paranoid! If you are feeling like you are getting it, call your doc and get some extra drops (but don’t share them b/c it totally spreads that way!)

  3. We just went through this – also got it from the dog – and what I find is that rubbing alcohol works better as a disinfectant than Lysol. I wiped down EVERYTHING 3, 4, 5 times a day! Doorknobs, light switches, toilet handle, sink knobs, tub knobs, etc., and made sure everyone washed their hands as soon as they woke up, walked in the door, before meals, before bed, before anything! Worked like a charm,

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