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Daily Diary: A Digital Girl With Horrible (Non-Digital) Habits

This is what my desk has looked like for the last few weeks. Talk about a buzz kill! Try looking at this madness for 10 hours in a row. YUCK. Each day I would throw away some of the Post-It notes once the tasks were done… and then create NEW ONES. UGH! It was literally insane.

A few days ago, I took one of Natalie’s marble notebooks from school and jotted everything down in one place. Now, I can just check my list each morning and cross off everything that’s completed.

Looks MUCH better now. lol!

I tried to use online list makers etc – but none of them really ever felt right. How do you handle your ‘To Do’ list???

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  1. I am OBSESSED with

    It’s gmail’s to-do list ap, basically, but it’s made for business. So Seba and I are on a “team” and I can assign him tasks, he gets emailed when I assign him a task and then I get emailed when he completes a task. It’s very handy. And prior to that I was all paper all the time, so I feel ya.

  2. Like you, the online or iPhone apps to keep lists never feel right for me. The only one I’ve had luck with somewhat is/was Wunderlist. I like that I can sync it with my home computer too. But, I never stick with them. I always go for that paper & pen. If you find a system that works, please share 😉

  3. I’m old school just like you. Nothing works for my To Do Lists like pen and paper. I do try to keep it in a notebook but invariably have multiple notebooks floating around house, desk, kitchen, bedroom & purse. Switching day to day or week to week. It makes sense to me but is crazy! xo

  4. Same here. I love pen & paper. I have some stuff in my BB, some in my iPhone, some in an old-school calendar. It’s just a disorganized wreck!

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