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Cherishing The Moments


Full disclosure – a few seconds before this picture was taken… Liam was teasing Natalie in a big way. She was running away from him and he was loving every second of it. We were in line at a local restaurant waiting for our table basically putting on a show for the crowd. I told my kids to STOP and to be nice to one another. Then this happened.

It was like a make up kiss. So sweet! They both stopped what they were doing and then at the same time – they leaned in for this kiss. I melted.

I get it. At one point they won’t be so… love-y dove-y. The teenage years for siblings are rough (or so I am told). But for now, I will soak in every last moment…

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  1. Adorable! What a beautiful family you are. You’re so blessed (and I know you know that and appreciate it which is nice to see)!

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