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Daily Diary: Why I Will Never Place My Bag On The Floor

I don’t care if it’s a $10 bag from Target or an $800 bag from Louis Vuitton. I will never trust the floors of mass transportation. While commuting into the city yesterday, I found myself in a pretty empty car. I didn’t have to keep my bag on my lap to make room for my fellow passengers… but I did it anyway.

Halfway into Penn Station, the man I was sitting next to got up and exited. When he did, this is what I found underneath him. His spilled coffee… everywhere. I was like… are you kidding me? Some of the liquid started to creep towards me and I moved but all I kept thinking of was “What if my bag was on the floor?” YUCK!

I am all for bringing drinks and food onto the LIRR. It’s part of life. But… times like these… I almost wish you weren’t allowed (as I sip my Starbucks tea). LOL!

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  1. Looks you are so much concern about your blog! I agree with your point about floor. Its really very pain when your lovely bag dirty just because floor. Thanks for sharing with us!

  2. I’m also the kind of a person who would never, ever put my bag down on the floor, in any place, anytime. I’d put it on top of my lap, if there’s no space for it next to me.

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