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Look At What I Found In My House…




Help me… I offered to do the gift bags for Strut (which will be on February 16th at 3PM BTW – AHHHH) … and think I’m in WAY OVER MY HEAD. Oh my goodness. This isn’t even HALF of what’s coming.
Mommy hold me.

Any friends or family that are looking for pints of blood / newborn babies / or housecleaning for a year – CALL ME! LOL!

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    1. Hey Vera

      I would be willing to come over for a couple of hours and help you over the weekend! Let me know will give an excuse to get out the house minus kiddies and maybe sneak to visit Barbara as well.
      Let me know

  1. Oh my gawd!!! That’s awesome. Insane, but awesome! I would soo come and help if I were closer! Take pics as you go! Good luck!

  2. Vera…I am right in New Hyde Park and currently on a leave from work. I am bored to tears so I’d love to help. Let me know!

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