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What’s The Last Romantic Thing Your Husband Did? (VIDEO)

I know a lot of people will probably not agree with my choice for this video… but I stand by what I said. Romance changes as we age, right? I’ve been married for 10 years and flowers… make me sneeze! I much rather something more personal – like a Starbucks tea. You want to know how to get to this girl’s heart? Do the laundry! LOL

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  1. Same goes here. I love to look at flowers, but they make my allergies go nuts. I’d love a bag of gummi bears or the dishes done. It truly is the “little things”. 🙂

  2. So here’s the crazy thing my husband did. He somehow tracked down a handbag that he knew I would love (because it’s square and has a cute bow), and surprised me with it before my birthday. Here’s the kicker: I had posted a picture of that exact handbag on Pinterest unbeknownst to him (he swears). It was the Kate Spade “Kennedy” bag in brown and black, which is hard to find right now. Yep, he’s a total keeper.

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