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Field Report: I Heart Induction Cocktail Event

I went to the Frigidaire, I Heart Induction Cocktail Event and got the amazing opportunity to see Chef Anne Burrell and Pastry Chef Johnny Luzzini cook. The best part? They whipped up some Valentine’s Day goodies and let us bloggers have a little. I don’t have to tell you how good it was!

Induction cooking uses powerful electromagnets to generate heat within metal-based pots and pans, heating the cookware quicker than on gas or electric cooktops. The technology results in faster cook times, and less energy usage, making cooking much more efficient. And you don’t need to buy new pots and pans. If a magnet sticks to your pot, you can use it. Cooking with induction is also 70% more energy efficient than gas and 20% more efficient than electric.

To show us how cool the new Induction technology is, Chef Anne Burrell and Pastry Chef Johnny Luzzini made some easy recipes that we could try for our loved ones for Valentine’s Day.

To learn more about Frigidaire’s Induction, go to


Thanks to Suzanne Cohen for my pic with Anne Burrell.

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