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Got New Headshots… Which One Should I Use?

My friend Alexis shot my She Knows family photo shoot and squeezed in a headshot for me. It’s my very first one!! How exciting! The one I’ve been using was taken in Dallas while in a Starbucks Drive Thru. How pathetic (but true). 🙂

Anyway – it’s down to these two. Which one should I use professionally?? HELP!

** few people emailed – the dress is Michael Kors from Lord and Taylor and the necklace is from Jewelista.

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  1. They’re both gorgeous, and I think you could even zoom in closer for a real “head” shot. The first one really shows your fab shape! (rock it, mama!)
    If you’re zooming in closer, I’d go with #2, the tilt of your head (back instead of forward) looks more confident.
    But you can’t go wrong with either!!

  2. I vote for the second one ONLY because ( and this sounds shallow) you look thinner in the first one because we have the whole body shot. The second one is beautiful but I’m not a fan of where it’s cropped.

    Although I’d take looking like either one! Gorgeous!

  3. Both are great! I love the first one more! The second one is more of a headshot than the first one, though. But seriously, go with the first! You look UH-MAZE-ZING!

  4. I agree with Fadra. 2nd pic is not cropped just right. 1st picture is perfect! Good luck with everything.

  5. I say use the first one, but make it tighter of the top part and edit out some of the bottom, so that it really is more of a headshot. GORGEOUS

  6. I’m no help. I like them both. Headshot-wise I’d use #2 because it’s more of a close-up. But I love the first one so much! Tough call!

  7. i’m so indecisive – use them both! the close-up for more “headshot-y” things, and the other when it’s less classic “headshot-y”

  8. You look amazing! I’d actually ask for one that is shoulders up for a “head shot” because often the images are so small. You want your face to be big enough that it stands out even when you’ve got a tiny picture. Of the two, I’d pick the second one, though. =}

  9. Second one for sure! Seeing more of ur silhouette at an angle makes unlook slimmer, not that you need it but u knw, always a good thing! U look soo much like lisa marie presley! If u wear red lips n false lashes you would be a carbon copy! Beautiful!

  10. They are both very nice! My vote goes to #1 – I like your smile in number 1 better. In number 2 your smile is bigger but not as ‘natural’ looking. Can’t miss with with either choice 🙂

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