Inside The Kitchen: Chocolate Nutella Cookies


My daughter is taking part in a cookie bake off this week and we had to bake our batch last night. There was one rule – it had to be from scratch. I tried to say that adding walnuts to a chocolate chip cookie mix was similar to homemade… but they didn’t buy it. So, from scratch it was!

I had a lot of Nutella in my house – so I looked online and found this recipe. Her pictures are WAY BETTER THAN MINE. So, go check them out.


Click here for full recipe. I threw everything in the mixing bowl. Didn’t separate wet and dry – never do. So, if that part scares you – then skip it.


The kids enjoyed smashing down the cookies to make them flat. It kept them occupied for a while which was a real treat.


Throw them in the oven for 11 minutes at 325 and VOILA! Chocolate Nutella Cookies. Yeah – they taste as good as they sound. :)


  1. Serene

    Lool y is ur son in his undies in the middle of february?? Loool hes adorable! Miss ur inside the kitchen posts, you’ve been busy for those posts, i love them!

  2. It is only in the last month that I’ve had my first taste of Nutella. I’m hooked.

    This recipe sounds great!

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