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Daily Diary: My Life Is Like The $25,000 Pyramid

This is actually a little sad and I just realized it this morning. I’m in Rhode Island for the week visiting my bestie and we just got home from Starbucks. While I was placing my order, I realized that I never really complete sentences. My brain omits key words from my speech and it’s been something that I’ve done all my life.

At first I said, “Do you have that machine that….”

Then the barista said, “The clover? No. We don’t.”

I moved on and continued to place my order. While I was waiting for my drink order I then said, “Can I have one of those…”

And the barista once again had to guess what I was going to say – “a tray?”

Yes, a tray. It’s like my brain TURNS OFF. It’s not that I’m being lazy about it. I literally can’t find the word – as simple as it might be.

I mean… how could I have forgotten the word TRAY? It’s as common as anything.  Scares me a bit. Three of my grandparents died with Alzheimer’s and I’m not saying I’m there yet… but I have that map in my back pocket so to speak.

Do you suffer from this loss of simple memory?

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  1. I had the same pin number for my debit card for ten years – then one day I forgot it! Had to go to the bank and change it. Needless to say, I remembered it 4 days later. Happens ALL the time. Scares me…

  2. That happens to me ALL the time. My husband complains/teases me about it. 🙂 My grandfather, all his siblings and mom had Alzheimer’s. I prefer to think of it as working mommy brain….

  3. What would you have ordered if they had the clover machine? Just curious…I had never heard of that before.

    1. not for me – for bill. he likes those special coffees. they are more flavorful. I always get tea. So ive never tried the machine – to be honest.

  4. I know EXACTLY what you are talking about. I am really freaked out by it. It seems to be a little better when I “unplug” for more than a few hours – but it’s very very scary. Like my brain is just not functioning/processing like it should be. I have a crazy good memory, but stuff like that – yep – totally just “poof!” gone! I get worried that the constant flow of information – twitter, emails, facebook, skype, work posts, etc etc etc is just too overwhelming. Our brains just don’t get the rest they need, i think.

  5. Guilty ! And it seemed to happen quite suddenly for me several years ago. Its like I drift off and cant think of the word. At least when I type I can take my time and formulate my words but cant do that in person lol My new boss said to me today – you really need to stop drinking during the day LOL

  6. OH MY GOSH YES!!! I do this too. The simplest words I tend to forget. It HAS to be the brain of a mother bc I swear my kids have stolen bits and pieces of my brain when I was carrying them. lol It sounds crazy but i really think that’s true. I hope they make a pill for that. LOL

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