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When Was The Last Time You Had Pancakes For Dinner?

I told you about my son practically knocking his two front teeth out last week. They are still wiggling and his gums are still black… but they are definitely heeling. I couldn’t be happier because I LITERALLY CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE. I’ve become a helicopter mom with him – not letting him move freely without bubble wrap surrounding him. I just don’t want him to hurt himself more, you know?

Anyway, he’s been sort the king as of late. I’ve been letting him run the house to make up for this pain and suffering. His latest request? Pancakes for dinner!!

Natalie watched me cook them all and told me when to flip each pancake. She was actually really good with her timing. I told her to look for bubbles all around the edges – and she did!

The only problem… now I have 800 pancakes to eat this week!! LOL

Do you eat breakfast for dinner sometimes?? It’s one of my favorite things to do.

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  1. We do it once a week, just to mix things up: pancakes, waffles (waffle sandwiches filled with cheese and anything else that strikes our fancy) then put on the panini press, omelettes, simple eggs, toast and fruit, so good and so easy!!
    Hope your son’s teeth get better soon!

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