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This Is The Aftermath Of Fashion Friday


Sure, I had a lot of fun putting together the two Fashion Friday posts I uploaded yesterday afternoon. THEN I walked into my bedroom to change into my pajamas and saw this. Who did this? Who ripped every piece of clothing I own and threw it on the bed????

Oh yeah. That was me.

And feel sorry for my husband because if I have someplace nice to go — this is what our bedroom looks like. Every. Single. Time. I try on a 100 outfits before I find the right combination.

It’s so bad. And there is no fixing it. This is who I am.

hahahhaha – do you wreck your bedroom each time you get dressed for a special occasion?

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  1. yes, the clothes know when there is a night out and they all jump out of the drawers and closets at the very first chance….they want to go out too

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