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Daily Diary: Let’s Play A Little Game

I am a board game fanatic. So, over the weekend while I was in Astoria celebrating my grandmother’s birthday, I brought a few along. The one pictured here is called Telestrations. Basically, it’s a visual telephone. This round made us all laugh out loud. Check it out.

Bill started by writing the saying from his card – “drop the ball”. Then it gets passed to the left and the next person DRAWS what his/her interpretation is of the saying. Here’s what my mom came up with:

So, my mom drew the above and I received this picture to decipher. And to me… it looked like

Which I passed along to my cousin who drew…

Who then passed this picture to my aunt who thought it looked like

Don’t you LOVE THIS!? I swear we must have played 50 rounds. So funny!

What boardgames are you loving lately?

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