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Daily Diary: Busy Getting Ready For LegoLand


At the end of the month, Bill and I are taking the kids to LegoLand. The kids are literally unable to contain themselves. I keep telling them they have a few weeks before we travel down to Florida – but that isn’t slowing them down. So, to keep them occupied last night, I suggested that they just BUILD their own LegoLand.



Well, they weren’t kidding!! Check it out. I walked in and almost fell on the floor. There is a hospital, a zoo, a gas station, a garage and more. They walked me through the entire creation and they were so PROUD OF IT!

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  1. Very cool. I love Legos.

    I’ve had this dream that if I were ever rich, I’d build an entire Lego room. First thing I’d do is line all the walls, ceiling and floor(smooth side up) with legos. Then but a million bazillion legos in the room.

    It’d be a blast, wouldn’t it?

    Comment acting as entry in Eucerin contest.

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