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You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

You almost aren’t going to believe this post, but I am telling you this is exactly how it happened. Last night, Natalie was prancing around the house singing a song. She kept saying “I like me and that’s ok”,  “I believe in positivity”, and “I’m positive!” over and over again. I asked her if she made up the song and she said it’s from school.

I wanted to see if she could remember the whole thing so I asked her to write it down. This is what she came up with. Isn’t this an important message for us all? I LOVE that they are singing this in her school!!!

She’s only 6… so the song obviously doesn’t make complete sense – but you get the idea. 😉

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  1. Love the message. Love the attitude.

    I have one of my late daughter’s writings laminated to last forever. It says “I am a strong girl. I am a powerful girl. I can get through anything.”

    Way to go, girls!

    Comment acting as entry in Eucerin contest.

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