Last night, I attended a fundraiser dinner for the STEVEN PETILLO FIELDS OF DREAMS FOUNDATION. It was an amazing cause and close to my house, so I thought it would be a great night out with friends. Theresa Caputo – The Long Island Medium (one of my favorite shows)- was the talent so to speak. She walked in larger than life – her personality just as fun and vibrant as you see from her reality show. Everyone was very excited to see if she would pick them for a reading.

In the beginning, I was silently hoping she would come to my table as well. And then I heard her first reading to a woman who lost her son. And everything changed. I won’t go into the actual stories because:

a) they aren’t mine to tell

b) I don’t have the energy to retell them

As SOON as I heard that first story, I started to repeat over and over in my head,  “Don’t pick me. I don’t need it. Anyone who wants to talk to me – GO AWAY. Now is NOT the time. I DON’T NEED IT”  – almost like a broken record. There were so many families who lost their babies… I cannot imagine that heartache.

I cried so HARD last night and I cried for 2 hours straight. The loss that was suffered in the room was too much to handle. I always joke to friends and say that I’m an empath because I am SO sensitive to emotion. Well,  last night I went to sleep with a MAJOR migraine because of how many tears I shed.

I know people don’t believe in this sort of thing… and this post isn’t intended to bring up any religious debate. But I will say this – everyone left last night with a sense of calm instilled in them. Life does go on. Our loved ones are still with us and they are at peace. It was a beautiful thing and I was so happy to have been part of it.

I know I mentioned a few months ago that I reached out to Theresa Caputo’s people and asked to be placed on her list. I think the wait is around 3 years or so. When it comes up, I will still most certainly go (if I don’t have to mortgage out my house) but I almost don’t need to anymore. Everyone is ok. Everyone is waiting for us. Everyone surrounds us with love. While I didn’t get a personalized message, that one came through loud and clear. Theresa truly has a gift.

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