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Daily Diary: Exactly Where I Need To Be (And Then He Spit Gum On Me)


I had a pretty fun (but long) day yesterday in the city. Will write about that tomorrow – I promise. I’ve FINALLY learned to NOT drive into Manhattan whenever I go in. If I wrap after 3:30, you better believe I’m spending at least 2 hours on the road in traffic. The train is almost a JOKE. 35 minutes and I’m home. Why would I EVER choose to drive? Looking back, it’s madness. All those hours WASTED brewing a migraine stuck in rush hour. Ridiculous!

Anyway, my husband drops me off in the morning and picks me up when I get home. Yesterday, by the time he grabbed me, it was around dinner time. I plopped myself in the car and said hello to my babies. Liam unbuckled and climbed the back of my seat and screamed


He kept kissing my forehead over and over again. I grabbed my camera because it was such an amazing moment.


And then he spit his gum on me. It fell right out of his mouth and practically into my eye. We all cracked up. That’s what being a mom is all about, right?? Who else can get spit on and still find it amusing?

This pic is actually pretty funny because you can see the gum just as it’s about to drop. LOL!

Anyway – that moment sort of wiped my slate clean and leveled me. I was with my family. We were laughing. We were exactly where we needed to be… even if there was a little gum in my eye.


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