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Me? Addicted To Technology? NEVER!

Picture this. You’re out with your family having a wonderful time and your phone dies. Ironically enough, your husband’s phone dies too. Moments later… your camera battery dies.

It’s as if we were transported back to the Ice Age.

I sort of looked at Bill for comfort and advice. What do I do? How can I NOT document every waking second of my children’s lives? It’s embedded in my DNA. Here’s a better question:

If a fun moment happens and no one films it… did it ever really happen? I mean – come on now!!!!

Yes, this happened yesterday. But all was not lost. I was able to snap a few good pictures of my little ones having a great time. Still… it felt really strange to be without my third and fourth child. 🙂

How addicted to technology are you? Be honest! Would you freak if your camera AND your phone did at the same time?

And PS- you know I charged everything up the second I got home. LOL!

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  1. I finally bought one of the “battery pack/walking chargers” for my phones! It changed my world.

    But yes, I totally have both of my phones and my camera with me all the time and get so stressed if they die! LOL!

  2. When I got hit by a car and was not even fully conscious Seba says my first question to him was, “Is this real? Can I blog this?”

    I don’t even remember anything about that point! Yet apparently it was only real if it could go on the blog.

  3. You need to get the Mophie Juicepack…I will totally admit I’m addicted, and this gadget has saved my sanity more than once. It’s basically an iPhone case that contains an extra battery.

    1. Oh this looks way better than the big thing I have that hangs off the end of my phone! Thanks for sharing! 😉

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