What Do You Think Of The New Christian Louboutin Sex Heels?

Really? Sex? Christian Louboutin just released the above pair of sex heels. There’s no subtext here – it’s in plain site for all to see. Personally, you couldn’t pay me the $1400 it would cost to OWN these pair of shoes to wear them. I’m sure a ton of the fashion magazines are going to rave about this new look, but I am not loving the notion.

Who is going to buy these and then wear them? Should I put them on while I’m taking my kids to school? How about when I go to the movies with friends? Dinner with my husband? A nightclub? I can think of a million scenarios where you SHOULDN’T wear this pair.

Talk about a conversation STOPPER.

“Oh look… your Christian Louboutin shoes have the word sex on them…. that’s nice”

Sorry for being so vocal about my discontent – but these Christian Louboutin’s are not my favorite design.

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  1. At 25 I feel too old for these shoes, but I can totally picture Madonna wearing them. Unfortunately.

    1. Yep, Madonna..or Samantha from Sex & the City. I can see them for making a big wow statement on a red carpet for a celebrity – but for anyone in “every day life” LOL

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