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Daily Diary: I’m Mad And I’m Eating A Piece Of Cheese!

It might just be a mother’s love, but I thought this picture was hilarious! Last weekend, we went to my in-laws for lunch and the kids were sort of growling at one another while eating. I snapped away to capture the moment. When else can you do something like this during a meal and not get institutionalized?? 🙂

PS – I know I keep talking about Liam’s front tooth, but it looks like it’s healing up again. It is slowly turning a healthier color – no longer gray. It’s good news!!! So strange. Is it possible for a dead tooth to come back to life??? Bill and I are new to this territory?

Besides all of this – the family is looking forward to a relaxing week together. Do you have any special plans coming up?

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  1. That is just what all of us parents can hope for – that when ours children get mad, they’ll go to eat a piece of cheese.

    What if you did that, and all was better after? Love it.

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