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Daily Diary: Brain Freeze At 34? Yup It’s Still Possible!

I’ve been in the city for the last 2 days with Audrey McClelland – my Getting Gorgeous partner. We had to take a few meetings and do a Satellite Media tour with P&G Beauty. 24 local news stations in 3 hours. YIKES!

For our lunch meeting, we met some fab ladies from 360i at Sanctuary T. LOVED that restaurant. Not sure why I didn’t snap photos of my food?? Even the drinks were spectacular!! I will most certainly return.

Anyway, while we were waiting for our friends to arrive, I ordered a frozen hot chocolate. I haven’t had one of those in ages and I couldn’t resist. Well, while I was sipping and chatting with Audrey, my entire body went into… shock. My heart and my brain completely froze up. I thought I was having a heart attack! LOL! I was in major pain and while I was suffering through it… Audrey freaking whipped out her camera.

That’s what friends are for! LOL

You know that didn’t stop me from finishing that darn drink!! Yum! Yum!

Anyway, I haven’t seen her in over a month so the last two days were really needed. Lots of laughs and lots of plans made.   I wish that girl lived in my town. Though I’m pretty sure our husbands would divorce us if she did!

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