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How About Them Apples? Um… I Mean Lemons

The minute I took these pictures… I just knew I was going to post them. These lemons were insanely large! How amazing!! My husband bought one and ripped right into one. Believe it or not, the majority of the inside is the white of the lemon – not the citrusy part. Is citrusy a word?? I guess so? 🙂

Everywhere you went, you found these over-sized wonders. I actually ended up buying a few plates and candles with lemons all over them – so I could remember…

Smell really does play a major part in memory. What do lemons remind you of?

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  1. Gorgeous shots! Lemons remind me of living in Los Angeles because when the trees bloom the blossoms smell AMAZING. I wish I could grow lemons where I live now but they don’t like the snow ;).

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