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Daily Diary: Back To Playing Tennis And It Feels SO Good

Yeah! I am so happy!! A few friends play tennis on Tuesday nights in my town and they asked me to join their lesson. I jumped at the chance!! Though I have to say – I got home last night around 10PM and practically passed out. I don’t know HOW I SHOWERED. Seriously, I’m surprised I even took my clothes off on my own. That instructor completely knocked me out.

Somehow I made it into the bed ?? Bill walked in a few minutes later trying to ask me about the lesson. I grunted and then he left me to sleep.

But now I’m ready for round two!! Had so much FUN! I really do love this game. Wore my new sneakers and they felt good.

I do something that is a huge no no and I cannot shake it! When I use my backhand… I lift my leg as I swing and it was making the instructor NUTS. He kept telling me – stay grounded. Feet on the ground. Poor form. etc…

It’s BAD. I can’t change it! Only if I really think about it can I keep it on the floor, but then I usually don’t hit the ball right. I’m going to have to fight him on this one. I don’t know him well enough though… EEK!

Either way, I’m happy things are sort of back to normal around here. I’m not going into the city for a few weeks and my next trip isn’t until the end of the month. So, I have some time to just… be.  And it feels so good.

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