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How Weird Would It Be If I Started To Take Ukulele Lessons?

When I bring this up to my real life friends… I basically get called a geek and a nerd. Which I am fine with by the way. Even my Mac decal is Snow White in geek glasses.

There’s this music studio is my neck of the woods that just put a sign on their window offering up ukulele lessons. It’s the strangest thing but I am sort of really considering taking them!! I’m so old -I feel like it’s too late for me to learn an instrument. But at the same time, I keep thinking to myself… WHY NOT???

I am absolutely obsessed with Ingrid Michaelson and there’s this song on one of her albums that I play on repeat which has a ukulele in it. Suddenly, I’m picturing myself being able to play this stupid song and I get all giddy and ridiculous.

My cousin came over last night to watch a movie with me and I was telling her. Her response?

Dead Face.

She was like… are you kidding  me? The ukulele? What are you going to do? Bring it to the beach and play around a bonfire.

And I said that sounded like a fantastic idea!! lol

I just don’t know. I really WANT TO DO THIS – but fear of failure is always something that lumes over me. When I want to learn something, I dive right in and I don’t stop until I am a master of whatever I decided on. It’s all or nothing. It’s the only way I play.

Do I have it in me?

Did you pick up an instrument at a later age? I need advice!!!

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  1. This really caught my eye… My husband, almost 50, started playing guitar last year. He has been teaching himself all kinds of songs (which is great if you love 70’s rock…which I don’t) and told me before Christmas he wanted a ukulele. I kicked the idea around a bit thinking that if I caved and bought him one I could present it with a little warning note attached that it could only be played if he did it while locked inside the car by himself on a rural dirt road somewhere or played it in the shed in the backyard — while I’m out of town. I didn’t want to hear a single strum. But then after pricing out the decent ones, I decided I wasn’t willing to pay that much for something that would torture me.

    So, yeah! Go for it! It’ll drive your friends crazy which is awesome in itself! 🙂

  2. Aloha from Hawaii Vera 🙂 How wonderful you want to learn to play the ukulele. My dh plays and its wonderful we sing along, not always on the beach! (LOL to your cousin, she is right too) DH loves it & that is what is most important not where you play or even how old you are to learn, In some things there will be trial & error, highs & lows, but try your best believe in your journey, If you have the heart to do it, you will push on the rest comes later 🙂 U work it girl!

  3. Im doing it guys! I cant wait!! seriously so excited. have been checking out youtube videos all week!!


  4. Just found your blog, don’t know how 🙂 Glad to hear you took the plunge!

    I had never played an instrument or sung before I accidentally wandered into a local ukulele session in 2007 at a pub near where I live. Love it to bits and am so glad that I discovered the uke! I have written songs, performed and had more fun than I could have imagined. Do practice a little though – it does not take lot to improve quickly and it is so rewarding.

    You maybe don’t need any encouragement now but check out these posts anyway for inspiration:

    Check out the other “beginners stuff” on our website to help you get going!

    Best of luck – you’ll not regret taking up the uke 🙂

    Best wishes,

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