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Hitchhiked My Way Back Home


I ended up taking a 6:59AM train home to Long Island this morning after deciding to spend the night yesterday  (very last minute). I was surprised I made it to Penn in one piece. The hotel Audrey and I slept in was FRIGID. The thermostat was broken and even though I pumped it up to 80 degrees, the room wouldn’t go above 64! Audrey managed to fall asleep and I didn’t want to wake her by calling down to the front desk. So, I basically shook in bed for 6 hours in one of her t shirts dreaming of my down comforter.

I seriously think I woke up with a cold.

Anyway, I jumped on the first train I saw that would place me somewhere near my house and walked to the nearest Starbucks. I called Bill (who had to get the kids ready for school) and told him I would wait out front for him to come and get me.

And I waited… and waited … and waited. It actually got to the point where I realized I should have just walked home. It would have been QUICKER than waiting.

Suddenly, I decided that I would find someone to drive me home. I mean, I have to know SOMEONE driving up and down our Main Street, right? Thank goodness I did! I practically offered up my first born to a friend in exchange for a lift.  LOL

I walked in the door, jumped into a scalding hot shower and plopped down in front of my computer. It’s good to be home!

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