How Often Do You Color Your Hair?

My roots were practically down to my ears. I thought it had been MONTHS since my last hair appointment. But when I went into my salon, my hair dresser kept saying she thought she just saw me.

I had her whip out my file so we could check the last date. March 10th.

That’s just about 6 weeks! What the heck happened?? I usually go THREE MONTHS between hair color treatments, but this time it was absolutely necessary way before that.

We were both shocked. My roots were almost 2 inches long she said! Can you imagine? That is an expensive habit if it continues and it better not because I seriously can’t afford to go 8 times a year. Oh my word!

How long do you usually wait between highlights / hair coloring?


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  1. 6 weeks is the norm according to my stylist however, I don’t keep up with my color as often because it’s not a drastic for me. I go every 3 months.

  2. I usually go 3 months in summer, one n a half months in winter/spring. This may sound siloy but when i travel, i feel my roots grow out faster. Im sure theres no logic behind that but its been the case with me for years.. Go figure!

  3. I feel your pain. I used to wait 8 weeks now I am down to 5 weeks b/t coloring-and I am only 37!

  4. I purposely wait because the coloring is so hard on my hair. I go for foils slightly lighter than my own color so I can grow out gradually. It’s not the color I’d *like* to have, but it’s practical.

  5. I’m probably quite a bit older than your average reader. I’m completely grey. I get the color every 6 weeks and the highlights every 18 weeks. When the roots grow out, the grey blends in with the highlights. See what you have to look forward to?

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