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Tennis, Ukulele Lessons And Now Golf? Is This My Version Of A Mid-Life Crisis?

I don’t know what has come over me… but I’ve become obsessed with taking on new hobbies as of late. I feel like the first half of this year was SO CRAZY with work, that it’s my way of ensuring I cram in some “me time” for the summer.

But why can’t “me time” be poolside as I work on my tan? Why does it have to be so MUCH WORK to relax?

I’ve started playing tennis again (which I love – don’t get me wrong). I also ended up signing up for those ukulele lessons (don’t make fun of me please). AND NOW – I’m probably going to take golf lessons. I mean, not that I would EVER play 18 holes of golf – not if my life depended on it. I just thought it would be fun to at least learn how to swing the… puck… no that’s not it… the club! Yes, the club! 🙂

Do you do this? Or are you actually able to just sit and veg out? Because if this isn’t screaming anti-insanity medication… I don’t know what does!

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  1. You’re not crazy at all. I started learning to play golf about two years ago when I realized how much time I spent driving my kids all over town to learn sports. I figured I might as well learn golf with them. I LOVE it. Now we can all play 9 holes together — that’s all they have the attention span for. And learning to golf as a family is partly what my blog is about :). And Zoey Deschanel (sp?) plays the uke so you’re in good, adorable company :).

  2. Ukulele is an interesting instrument to play! My son takes ukulele lessons with a group of about 15 or so other people every week. At least 5 of those people are around my age (40) or older. He loves it! You will easily be able to learn guitar too if you know ukulele. :)Don’t feel crazy. Have fun with it!

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