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Just A Typical Weekend Consisting Of Vampires, Lions And Crossword Puzzles


My mom slept over this weekend and we all spent some time hanging out in the living room. My little girl and I pretended to be vampires…


Meanwhile, my Jilly girl roared for the camera. Ok. Ok. So, she was yawning – but it looks like a roar! Natalie was CRACKING UP OVER THIS PHOTO. So funny!


Natalie then BEGGED me to let her take a picture of Jill. So, I let her and my poor pooch looked so unhappy about it.


And then… I did the crossword puzzle. I used to do these (with a LOT of help from Bill) awhile ago, but life happened and I haven’t really had time. Well, this weekend, I was determined to get back into the habit. My mother is the QUEEN of the crossword puzzle – so the three of us did it together.


I did it for about a half hour and then gave up. I’m just not smart enough! But my mother and husband WOULD NOT STOP UNTIL THE ENTIRE PUZZLE WAS DONE. I practically took a nap, showered and then cooked dinner and these two were still going at it. It was out of control. But I have to give them props – they did finish it!

Just a typical weekend 🙂

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