I’m In The Rachael Ray Magazine This Month! Here’s The Scan

So, here’s the super cool thing about this month’s advertorial. It’s the FIRST PAGE OF THE MAGAZINE! Usually, when I do things like this, you really have to search for the page. But this month, Chinet landed on the back of the cover. I almost died!

The ad is in this month’s Rachael Ray Magazine.

When Bill went to get me the magazine, I asked him if he saw the picture and he said, “Yeah, you’re on the cover.” For a half second, my heart stopped. I was like… what?  Impossible. Why would that be??  And then I saw the placement and almost beat him with a stick. “I’m not ON the cover!! I’m on the BACK of the cover. Big freaking difference BILL!”

I don’t know why I believed him. I guess because he never really jokes around with stuff like this. So, no matter how impossible the notion was, I couldn’t process why he was saying it.

We laughed afterwards.

Anyway, wanted to post and share!! 🙂

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