What Do You Sleep In? Is It Time For An Upgrade?

Just got home from Target – needed to pick up a few items for Mother’s Day. I plan on embroidering some goodies today for my mom. While I was there, I passed the sleepwear section and a few pieces caught my eye. None of them are online for purchase, but they look something like this. I thought it was time to get nice sleepwear. I’m not a college kid anymore, right?

Typically, my pajamas look like this…

And on really bad days, I even wear this…

LOL! What can I say – I get chilly! But I don’t know… I woke up on aisle 5 this morning. Bought a handful of new pieces and am now washing them. The summer is coming and it’s time for an upgrade.

What do you wear to sleep?

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  1. So I own the one on the top – which clearly makes me stylish!
    We should have our picture taken in them side by side at SheCon … altho I will probably end up looking like I could be your Mother, and that might be creepy xxxx

  2. I get most of my sleepwear from Target. I love their prices and quality.

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