Best Of Beauty Tuesday: A Little Olive Oil Goes A Long Way For Cuticles #bestofbeauty

My manicurist gave me a tip a few weeks ago that I’ve been meaning to get online – but I just haven’t had the time. Today is Tuesday which means I post a “Best of Beauty” story and thought this would be the perfect time to unveil her secret.

I hate it when my manicurist clips my cuticles. I finally asked her to not touch them and she said that my fingers were very dry and absolutely needed it. I was also told they wouldn’t look as bad if I just started to take care of them at home.

Um gee… thanks. But I get it – and I guess it’s true.

She first suggested that I run out and buy cuticle oil but then said olive oil works just as good.  So, I’ve been rubbing a bit whenever I remember and I have seen a difference. It’s amazing what typical household ingredients can do!

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  1. Thanks for the tip! I’m going to give the olive oil a whirl. My manicurist also wanted to cut my cuticles, but I had her push them back instead. I was badly cut once when the instrument “slipped,” and I refuse to have them cut. Plus, I’ve read it is not healthy to cut them because their purpose is to protect the nail bed.

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