Seriously, If You Had Three Extra Minutes… What Would You Do?

I woke up super early today. Or better yet… I never really went to sleep. That meant that I got through all my emails, did a few posts for the AM and had enough time to go food shopping all before 9:30AM. Felt so good!

I even had an early lunch (because now there’s actually food in my house). I’m ready to GO GO GO and it’s not even 10:30AM.

Maybe I’ll take a nap. 🙂

Anyway, I’ve been working with Clorox to promote their new free e-book, ‘If Mom Had Three Minutes’ and I wanted to remind you to download your copy while it’s still available. You can also score a coupon! You know how much I’m all about coupons. lol

If you had some extra time in your day – what would you do with it???

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  1. Three minutes is long enough to sit down, put on headphones, and listen to a great song. Do I get a force field for the three minutes?

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