Check Out My New Beach Bag!


I was not planning on purchasing a beach bag from Target when I went yesterday morning. But as soon as I passed this beauty, I couldn’t resist!! Even the cashier thought the bag wasn’t from the store. He said, “Is this your bag?” and I said, “In a minute it will be.” And he laughed and told me he thought it was my purse because it was so nice.

Maybe he was flirting… I don’t know. I bought into it! I’m easily manipulated. 😉

Anyway, I’m can’t wait for the warmer weather so I can break this puppy open and fill it with towels, my sunglasses and my ghetto hat. Whatever – don’t judge. I don’t want wrinkles and will look like a fool if need be to prevent them from sprouting up prematurely.



The bag was around $30. I think it is a major score and wanted to share just in case you were in the market.

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    1. maybe ghetto is the wrong word – i always get fun of because i dont wear a straw hat or a federo

      but thats not me
      this hat is!

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