You Can’t Tell Me One Pair Is Worth More Than The Other: I Just Saved $20!

I love finding deals like this!

A few weeks ago, I purchased the sandals on the left from PiperLime. They were around $40 which I thought was a good deal because I really liked the look. Unfortunately,  I haven’t had a chance to wear them yet – they’ve been in the box waiting for warmer weather.

Well, this weekend while at Target, I had time to kill while waiting for a prescription and walked through the shoe department. Look what I found! It’s almost the same pair and they were even less!!!

SCORE!! Don’t you love it when things like this happen?

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  1. I love that too..but it’s usually too late and I’ve already bought the more expensive one. This post reminds me of the show The Look for Less with Melissa Hassleback? for before she got on the View. I loved that show! Entry for Limited gc

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