10 Summer Must-Haves: From Beauty To Fashion To Food

Summer is here!! Ok… well, almost. I’ve been looking online for my must-haves and thought I’d make a little list to share with you. These are all things I’ve actually purchased. So, I might be a little bias… but I LOVE THIS LIST. 🙂 LOL

Ok here we go –

10 Summer Must-Haves

1. A new bathing suit. This one is from diNeila. It’s for my backyard only. No one but Bill is seeing me in this puppy. 🙂

2. shimmer lotion! A girl can always use a little extra sparkle.

3. straw tote

4. nautical bangle bracelets

5. razor with added moisturizer

6. new pair of sandals

7. bright colorful heels 

8. dress pajamas – no more college dorm sleepwear

9.  tinted moisturizer

10. a great trifle recipe to bring to parties

I can go on and on with this one! What are some of your summer must-haves??

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