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It’s Official: I’ve Become That Person


I love my nail salon… but sometimes the women make me BLEED and it FREAKS ME OUT. I can’t handle it because I remember all those news stories about people contracting diseases through those cuts. The last time I went, I looked like a volcano. So, that was it! I was done. After my shellac manicure, I marched right into CVS and bought EVERY SINGLE TOOL they use.

I know most salons have boxes available for purchase. BUT when you buy a box it usually only comes with a buffer and a nail file. No, sorry. I want the cuticle pusher, the nail clipper, and whatever that wishbone shaped tool is called to ONLY BE USED BY ME. When I whipped out my bag of goodies yesterday afternoon, the women were like, “very smart! very smart!” and I was like.. DAMN RIGHT!

You can’t be too careful these days. I LOVE my place for everything but the cuticles part. They do great pedicures, massages, facials, etc. The women are friendly. They know me by name. It’s nice.

Ironically enough – yesterday I didn’t bleed. Of course… because I had my own tools. But isn’t that the way of the world.

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  1. you need to stop going to places that make you bleed. there is no need for them to cut that close. seriously

  2. That is so crazy. I’ve NEVER had any cuts or crazy things happen like that. I’d be afraid to go back, too.

  3. I should add that I don’t go to the “nail salons”, I go to my hair salon that has a day spa in it. It isn’t any more expensive than the nails-only places.

  4. This is a great idea, going to stop at CVS before my pedi tomorrow and buy my own tools. Now if I could just remember everything they use? I am usually zoned out bc of the massage chair. Yes I am the woman who naps during a pedicure 🙂

  5. It seems that if you enjoy having a pedicure, then little cutes seems like a worthwhile risk as long as you get treated for it immediately. Good read.

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