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The Skies Literally Darkened Before Us (VIDEO)

Audrey and I were in Florida over the weekend to attend and keynote at SheCon 2012. We arrived a day early and were able to spend some time at the pool. While we were lounging under an umbrella… the skies began to darken. Within a matter of minutes, it went from sunny and amazing to the beginning of a supernatural movie. Black clouds just rolled in and then….


I know people from the South are used to this sort of storm – in and out in a flash… but I was in awe. I had to film it. MOMENTS AGO, it was sunny as can be. Audrey was tanning and I was hiding myself because I thought I was going to burn. I love how the people didn’t even get out of the water. I’ve seen too many Discovery channel specials about lightening to do such a thing.

Do you have these flash storms where you live?

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