‘Mermaids: The Body Found’ Is A Must See. (And Now I’m So Confused)

UPDATE: LOL!!!!!!!!! THEY TOTALLY GOT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought this was freaking real. Oh my gosh I am so gullible. I heard there was a bridge in Brooklyn for sale. Maybe I should go check that out too.

I’m sitting here watching the Animal Planet right now and I feel that I have to send out a quick note to you all. Set your DVRs to record ‘Mermaids: The Body Found’. It’s a story about a creature found by two boys in Washington State.

The show itself follows the dissection of that being and how similar it is to… us. Hands. Skull. Tools. The scientist themselves hardly believe what they are seeing.

I’m watching it waiting for something fantastic to happen – like for a dragon to swoop in. That way my mind can rest easy knowing that this isn’t real. But that’s not how the show is being portrayed.

Mermaids: The Body Found is something to be watched. I’m sure it will air over and over again. Please tape it and let me know what you think.

Did we just find evidence of … mermaids?

Mind you – these scientists aren’t painting a picture that resembles Disney’s Ariel.  There are no shelled bikini tops and who-zi-whats-its. The Animal Planet show is – instead- talking about government cover up, the sweeping in and removal of all hard evidence, and my new found realization that anything is possible.

I don’t know why no one is talking about this! The scientists’ reenactments are undeniable… or am I just a wishful thinker? Am I just hoping that all the stories we listened to as children could be real? If this is possible… then what else is?

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    1. Don’t waste your time on this fake show. I am all for searching for Big foot, ghost shows, etc.. so I am not a closed minded person.

      Just the way it is pesented and the wording at the beginning, stating none of the agenies are real…. If your going to look with facts, awesome, but if your going to do a 2nd grade skit to get people now feeling guilty for killing something that doesn’t exsist, then its dumb… Go Save animals that really exsist and stop wasting peoples time on stupid fiction, as eye catching as it is.

  1. Actually the movie is a Docufiction where they make a movie and treat it like its a real film but use fictional things in the movie. its more possibly a movie that describes what they would be like if they were indeed real like the dragon one they did years ago. though i do believe that mermaids are a possibility i doubt the government would allow it to air if it was true.

    1. I was looking on the upcoming listings. It is not scheduled to air again any time soon. COVER UP.

  2. Vera, I dont have cable but I’m willing to travel to make friends with a mermaid. You up?

  3. I saw it and it caught my eye. the one thing I noticed that everyone that was working for NOAA at the time no longer worked there after 2005….Hmmmmm

  4. This was an awesome documentary. I hope Animal Planet will air it again….unless “Big Brother” shuts them down. Their story is so credible. It’s hard to deny all the evidence. If it is a government cover up hopefully its just to protect an endangered species.

  5. I love it! Still taking folks in….remember War of the Worlds? I’m still moving to the beach though. Just in case 🙂

  6. the existance of mermaids is not a myth but a reality,in africa some people worship them,i dont!and this is true.

  7. If it were true I think it would be really cool. -We grew up on Esther Williams movies (I think she could hold her breath for 4-5 minutes and smiled all the way thru the performance). I love the fantasy of the thought.

    1. To whom it may concern: Well, for me it is a comment and questions.
      1st comment: WOW! Now I know why so many Wales had beaches them selves, and etc.
      1st question: What is the name of the beach the mermaid or merman was found recently?
      2nd question: I heard between ten to twenty years ago of something unusual found on a beach, but several hours later, case was declared closed. Any body know about this?
      Hope to hear a reply. Thank you

  8. Hello! It is me again from June 4th. P.S. Try any time during or shortly after 1986 concerning hearing about “case closed.” Also, to change the subject, why is my name required?

  9. Hello for the third time! Sure gives an impression that I have nothing else better to do. I think, I have come to the understanding why (Name is required). So, I’ll be going by the name of Ron, and would like to take this opportunity to share my second comment. I do agree with one of the comments above, that if this indeed is a government cover up, I too, certainly hope that it is just to protect one of the most endangered species. So therefore, what I would like to add; if indeed there is any Legendary creatures around that are real and still exist today. I would like to believe they too, serve a vital purpose in God’s creation. NOTE: From what I have read by many sightings in the past, the merman is not as good looking as the mermaids. Which leads me to this question; why is this creature being called a mermaid? For me, it really looks like a merman.

  10. Well i do think is a cover up, maybe they could b testing these “new creatures” the goverment does a lot of testing to humans and specially to soldiers, anything new that comes as close to us as mermaids should b tested for intelligence and stuff. Ron, i dont know anything about that cover up. These mermaids hide, they r good at hiding, thats why maybe we havent been able to see them, eventhough, u could mistake them for a dolphin jumping with them, they r really fast, but as u can see, they seem really smart too

  11. I would like to see these actors, etc.. actually do a documentary on the killing of whales, dolphins, etc.. something that can be productive and save Real Animals…. This fake B.S. is not helping anyone. Use the money for real animals and saving the plant, not by creating (though that is your right) another fictionous character we need to save.

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