My Son Wants A Star Wars Birthday Party… Should I Even Go There?

I’m having my son’s birthday party at home this year. We wanted to invite his classmates and it’s just too expensive to do it all at a place. So, we rented a slide and plan on having fun in our backyard.

I made the mistake of asking Liam if he wanted a theme. He said Star Wars.

I said ok.

This was BEFORE looking into the whole thing.

There are so many amazing Star Wars themed birthday parties online. I’m talking full blown / out of control / over the top celebrations. Women making R2D2 cakes. WHAT? Dads using paper mache to make a Death Star pinata. HUH? I just don’t have the time to even THINK about doing that – forget about actually doing that.

I can, of course, just go to Party City and buy the Star Wars party pack and call it a day. There’s cups, plates, and a few signs.  Or should I take this to the extreme and do what my little boy wants.

It’s making me sick just thinking about it! LOL

In my head, I think the slide is enough. But then there’s this little voice telling me to do it because it’s his birthday.

UGH – what should I do?

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  1. I say just buy some star wars themed plates, cups, and goodie bags and call it a day. My little nephews loved that for their star wars themed birthdays and it didn’t drive their parents crazy with extra work. 🙂

  2. Do it! He’s going to be ecstatic when he sees it and it will make it extra special. You don’t have to go crazy with it! Buy the plates and all the basic stuff but add a little touch of something that makes it look different and not just ‘another party city decorated’ birthday. You could have fun homemade costumes or set up a little area where they can take pics looking like their favorite characters (ie. a photo booth). Or idk if they do this for private parties, but I know the people at the 501st legion do pr events dressed as the characters… Heres their link All of their costumes are homemade! Crazy. Anyway good luck!

  3. Got it. You don’t want to go nuts but you don’t want to get just the perfunctory items just in case someone can’t figure out what the party theme is.

    You didn’t mention anything about decor. Would you consider removable stickers you can put on the walls of the party room? Afterwards you can remove them and put them in the birthday boy’s room or someplace else.

    You can get a bunch like this set:

    Or a Giant one like this Yoda:

  4. I can’t speak for your child, but my son is 10 and if he were to ask for a Star Wars themed party, what he would really be asking for is “let me have light saber fights with a bunch of my friends”.

    So I think there is a happy medium between hiring Industrial Light & Magic to do the special effects for your party or buying a Star Wars themed cake at the grocery store.

    I look forward to hearing about the end result.

  5. Why not just make your own stuff. My son’s friend has had Star Wars parties for the last three years and his mom makes the decorations herself. She buys the cups/plates in the Star Wars Theme. Use pool noodles to make light sabers which each kid can keep afterwards. Cardboard boxes to make ships and draw the designs on them. Have “light saber” fights. Ask the kids to come dressed as a character. Set up a Star WArs game on the tv and let them play for awhile.

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