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Inside The Kitchen: Artichokes With Garlic And Parsley (EASY RECIPE)

I love making artichokes. I love EATING artichokes. If it’s on a restaurant menu, you better believe I’m ordering it. My Nanna made them for me growing up as a child and now I use her recipe for my kids. It’s the easiest thing to do! Trust me!! So many of my friends don’t make them because they “don’t know how.” Well, I’m here to show you.

Step 1: Cut off the bottom and the top of the artichoke. There are spikes on the top of the leaves and you want to get rid of them.

Step 2: Open it up. Get your fingers in there and spread the leaves out. You need to fill it with a few ingredients – so this will help you out.

Step 3: Place them in a pan of water. You can fill the pan half way I would say. You have to cover the pan – so make sure you are using one that is tall enough.

Step 4: Mince one garlic clove over the artichoke. Stuff the garlic all around and inside the majority of the leaves. If you have fresh parsley – chop it up and do the same. I didn’t have any so I just sprinkled dried parsley all around. Salt and Pepper and then drizzle about 1-2 teaspoons of olive oil. Then dig in and move everything around. Get it in there. Repeat with your other artichokes.

Step 5: Cover and cook on medium for about 25 minutes or so. ENJOY!

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  1. I love artichokes, too! We ate them all the time when I was growing up. My husband is another story. They never ate them and he doesn’t “get it” I think they are fun and yummy! I’m going to try this with my kiddies and see what they think.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I have never eaten artichokes but I want to try. I’m just going to ask this, at the risk of sounding stupid… can you eat the whole thing there? Once you’ve chopped off the bottom and the top, the rest can just be eaten? Not just the middle.

    1. you eat the end of the leaf. put it against your teeth, close your mouth and the meaty part will come off

      when all the leaves are gone you will the the base. take the entire part of the base off (including the prickly part) and just eat the “heart” it should be somewhat concave after you pull the top off.


  3. I love artichokes! Thank you for the recipe!

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    elena150980 at yahoo dot com

  4. We ate artichokes a lot when I was growing up, but I summer from not knowing how to cook them. I also recently learned that my husband has never eaten an artichoke like this (he’s had spinach artichoke dip and the like, but never the whole artichoke). This sounds amazing and easy. I’m definitely going to try it this summer!

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  5. I like them too and they are healthy. Will give this recipe a try!

    Also, just entered the Eucerin giveaway

    ardy22 at

  6. Came back to print the recipe after finding a package of 4 artichokes at Costco today. I’m making the family try them this week… maybe on July 4th? Thanks for the recipe πŸ™‚

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