Best Of Beauty Tuesday: How To Use Makeup To Get Rid Of Your Double Chin #bestofbeauty

Smoke and mirrors folks. Smoke and mirrors. I live and breath by this motto.

I recently heard a great tip about how to  minimize a double chin with makeup and thought I’d share. This isn’t a 100% fix of course – but it can lessen the severity without any surgery.


Yup. Bronzer.

All you have to do is user bronzer right underneath your chin and then alongside the bottom of your jawline to fake definition.  Ear to ear – it will change the appearance in under a minute.

Have you tried to use makeup to conceal your double chin in the past? Any success?

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  1. I use this trick often! And, I can’t believe you posted my favorite bronzer Tarte in Park Ave Goddess…it’s the perfect shade for pale ladies! perfect pick!

  2. Yes, this is very true. I do this little trick all the time for my clients. You just have to be careful not to add to much. It’s all about blending, and if you do it right, it does take that double chin away like magic.


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