Eat And Drink

This Is Why I Can’t Lose Weight


Seriously, I spent the entire morning telling Audrey how much I want to lose weight and how disappointed I’ve been at myself for gaining 3 pounds the last few weeks….

And then I opened up this bag of potato chips and have been munching ever since. I have no self control!!! I mean – if it’s not around me I am good to go. That is with everything in my life. However, when there is temptation near me – I cannot help myself. It’s a horrible, horrible impulse issue that I’ve been battling since a child.


I know the answer is  – “just don’t eat it” – but for some reason my brain won’t process that little known fact. Now, if you excuse me – I have to wash the oil off my fingers and keyboard.

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  1. You are not alone…I caved into one of my guilty pleasures breakfast today…maybe it’s something in the air! But the rest of the day is not lost, I plan on eating healthy for my very next snack & remaining meals.

  2. Same here so we just do not have it in the house or it will be ME who eats it. We are doing low carb, too.

  3. I cave almost every day. I have two big problems: sitting at a desk all day, eating candy to stay awake, and sitting home @ night, wanting to snack……

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