Damn You Beach Season: 6 Suits That Won’t Scare The Children Away #fashionfriday

It’s here. I don’t know why I act so surprised each year. It’s not like the seasons are cyclical or anything! 🙂

I love the beach. I love the pool. I LOVE the sun. But bathing suit shopping is absolute torture. I always go it alone. I don’t hate anyone enough to put them through a day with me in that mode.

I’m HUGE on online shopping during bathing suit season. I buy a ba-billion dollars worth of suits and then return them ALL when they don’t fit. I would say out of 20 suits bought, I find 1 that works each year. You can’t say I don’t try.

Here’s my jump start:

Retro One Piece

Convertible Dress

Ruched Tankini

Halter Tankini

Michael Kors Tankini Top

Gottex Spring Tankini

What do you think? Any of these work?

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