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Daily Diary: Damn These Unruly Waves


My hair is so confusing. The bottom part is naturally wavy, but the section that is above my ears is FLAT. So it’s two different hair styles in one. If only it was all one way or the other???  I think Bill is the only person who sees me in this form… and those moments are rare. Somewhat like a solar eclipse or a meteor shower.

I’m curious to hear if anyone else has split personality hair like myself? My solution has always been to go straight. I’ve had the same hairstyle since the beginning of time! LOL. No matter where I am or what I am doing – it’s flat ironed down. But I always pine for something different.

Grass is always greener, right?

Do you change your hair around on a regular basis? Or are you stuck in a hair rut as well?

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  1. SAME problem here. Once in a while I give in and just scrunch it with some mousse and leave the waves, but I flat iron most of the time, too. Or throw it up in a clip or ponytail when I get frustrated. I’d LOVE to be one of those people who can change it up daily. I do tiny variations, but feel like I’ve had the nearly the same style for eons! (possibly my whole life rofl)

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