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You Thought NYC Apartments Were Small? Mayor’s New Plans Downsize Floor Space To Practically NOTHING

mayor bloomberg microunits apartments nyc

I mean…. really. NYC apartments are small enough (unless you own a hedge fund). But they will seem like luxury apartments compared to the new layout Mayor Bloomberg just proposed. Kips Bay will house – are you ready for this – apartments that range between 275 and 300 square feet of living space. They are meant for singles who want to live in Manhattan but can’t afford the one bedroom alternatives.

Here’s the thing though – they aren’t cheap. These new “microunit” apartments will run you $2,000 a MONTH. WHAT? Go live in Queens for that, folks! I’m sorry. I just don’t get the appeal. I’m from Astoria and it took me a whopping 8 minutes to get to midtown every morning when I had to go to work. 8 MINUTES. You couldn’t PAY me to live in something like this…

The NY Post reports:

The 10- by 30- foot apartments must each have windows and a kitchen area, a request for proposals released by the city specifies. Each also has to have a separate bathroom, just 10 feet long but equipped with the necessities—a tub, sink and regular-sized toilet.

As for the bedroom, look no further than the living room. Tenants need a sofa bed, renderings show.

Construction on the “microunit” apartments begin in 2014.  The first 60 units will go up around East 27th Street near First Avenue. What do you think about Mayor Bloomberg’s new “microunit” apartments. Something you’d consider?

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  1. why does the Mayor have anything to do with the building of condos???? Too small of a living space for me, heaven forbid you have someone over for dinner or to watch a movie.

  2. There’s no where to fit your Big Gulp of Pepsi in this place!

  3. The apartments are actually supposed to rent for much less than the market rate, which is $2000 for a studio. And they won’t be condos, they will be affordable housing developments intended to provide safe, low cost living.

  4. Or, just a thought… he could use them to house 5 ‘prisoners’ who drank a Big Gulp.

  5. Next step, sleeping tubes.

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