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Daily Diary: “Mom, You Need To Do The Dying”

child haircut girl

For some reason, my hair has been growing at a rapid rate the last few years. Instead of waiting three months for highlights, I now find that I can EASILY go every two months. I go much blonder than my original color – so it SHOWS. Well, this quarter I FORCED myself to wait a little longer than I should have and my children noticed.

Liam was looking at me very seriously the other day and said, “Mom… you need to do the dying.” Mind you – he was pointing at my head.

A four year old basically called me out. I immediately picked up my phone and made an appointment. Oh my word! $280 later – here we are. I also got a hair cut but seriously my salon is pricey. That’s why I like to wait a while!

Natalie came along and wanted to get a haircut herself. I thought she was going to be overtly shy but she was yapping away to her stylists. I almost felt bad for the woman! Natalie was going on and on and on. It was hilarious.

We didn’t cut too much off of her hair because she wants to grow it long for school. A trim was exactly what the two of us needed. 🙂

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