Don’t Forget To Reapply Sunscreen On Your Little Ones (And Where To Buy It For Cheap)

sunscreen for kids

Last week while at the pool, I didn’t reapply sunscreen to my son and we paid the price. His arms got slightly burned even though I gave him a really good coating when we first arrived. BIG LESSON LEARNED. Now, whenever the kids get out the pool and are dried off (playing at table, heading to park etc.) I reapply. It can’t HURT.

Also wanted to note that I bought a 4 pack from BJs over the weekend and spend under $10. One of these bottles will run you about $10 at your local drugstore. If you are a member of Costco, BJs or Sam’s Club – get your sunscreen there and STOCK UP! What value!

This also applies to bug spray. Great deals at BJs on Off this week.

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