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Daily Diary: That Dress Is Pretty (It’s Oscar de la Renta)


My doctor is near a really amazing shopping center in Manhasset called the ‘Americana’. Growing up, this was the place you drove to if you wanted to dream. Lots of high end names – no need to head to 5th Ave. Most of these stores sell just as much as their Manhattan sister sites. Yeah – it’s crazy.

We like to go to because there are amazing restaurants and a lot of art splashed around for the kids. We usually just walk around while Bill sips on an espresso. No money spent these days (though while we dated Tiffany was a fan favorite of ours… wonder when that officially stopped? Oh yeah… when he bought the cow!) lol – just kidding.


While walking around, Natalie ran to a window and screamed, “MOMMY! That dress is pretty!”

Um… it better be… it’s like $4,000! LOL I love how shabby I look in that window. In my defense, we had just come out of the doctor’s office and this has been my week from hell.



Kids made a few wishes and off we went – back to my bed where I slept for the rest of the day. My little one is a girly girl. She opted for her Easter dress for our visit to the doctor’s office. Meanwhile, I’m pretty sure I was in my pajamas….  I’m afraid for my bank account when she becomes a teen.

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  1. I live close to the Americana. I haven’t had the most pleasant experiences there. If you’re not of a certain “status” they do not treat you well. It’s quite snooty to put it mildly. I like the Benihana & Whole foods across the street from it. 🙂

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